Nitro game client version 2
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Nitro React


  • You must have git installed
  • You must have NodeJS >= 16.13 installed
  • We recommend you use Yarn over npm
    • npm i yarn -g


  • First you should open terminal and navigate to the folder where you want to clone Nitro
  • Clone Nitro
    • git clone
  • Install the dependencies
    • yarn install
    • This may take some time, please be patient
  • Rename a few files
    • Rename public/renderer-config.json.example to public/renderer-config.json
    • Rename public/ui-config.json.example to public/ui-config.json
  • Set your links
    • Open public/renderer-config.json
      • Update socket.url, asset.url, image.library.url, & hof.furni.url
    • Open public/ui-config.json
      • Update camera.url, thumbnails.url, url.prefix, habbopages.url
    • You can override any variable by passing it to NitroConfig in the index.html



Run Nitro in development mode when you are editing the files, this way you can see the changes in your browser instantly

yarn start


To build a production version of Nitro just run the following command

yarn build:prod
  • A build folder will be generated, these are the files that must be uploaded to your webserver
  • Consult your CMS documentation for compatibility with Nitro and how to add the production files