A tiny script to download various files directly from Habbo. https://stuxcraft.com
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habbo-downloader 2.0

downloads version license

A tiny script to download various files directly from Habbo.



If you are looking for a specific file or dont want to use habbo-downloader yourself, you can take a look at the resource folder. This folder contains all downloaded files from habbo-downloader and updates automatically every 3 hours.

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  • Works on every operating system
  • Easy to use 💯
  • Blazing Fast
  • Many bug fixes 🐛


  • NodeJS >= 15.0

How to use

First, install habbo-downloader:

npm i -g habbo-downloader

After installation, you can start the script by typing habbo-downloader or the shorthand hdl into your terminal and specifing a command.
Also check out some examples to get started!

habbo-downloader --command [COMMAND NAME]


Here is a list of all currently available options.


-c OR --command [COMMAND NAME]  

Defines the command to execute. See below the list of all available commands.


-o OR --output [VALUE]

Defines the output folder for the downloaded files.

Default: ./resource
Value: Any valid path works

-d OR --domain [VALUE]

Defines from which domain the files should be downloaded.

Default: com
Value: com.br, com.tr, com, de, es, fi, fr, it, nl

-r OR --revision

If specified, downloads furnitures and furniture icons inside of the revision folder else downloads directly to dcr/hof_furni

Default: -
Value: -

-f OR --format [VALUE]

Which format to use when downloading badges. Habbo now by default use PNG for their badges.
However you can still use GIF if you prefer that.

Default: png
Value: png or gif

-s OR --sockets [VALUE]

Maximal amount of open sockets to server. Increasing this value can improve download performance but
a too high value can result in blocked requests becuase of Habbos DDOS protection.

Default: 100
Value: Any number is valid


This is a list of all currently implemented commands. Please note that this project is still a work in progress.

Command Description
articles Download all Habbo News Article Images
badgeparts Download all Habbo Badgeparts Images
badges Download all Habbo Badges
clothes Download all Habbo Clothes
effects Download all Habbo Effects
ficons Download all Habbo Furniture Icons
furnitures Download all Habbo Furnitures + Icons
gamedata Download all Habbo Gamedata
gordon Download all Habbo Gordon Files
habboswf Download the latest Habbo.swf
hotelview Download all Habbo Hotelview Images
icons Download all Habbo Catalogue Icons
mp3 Download all Habbo MP3 Files (sound_machine_sample)
pets Download all Habbo Pets
promo Download all Habbo Web Promo Images

HABBO 2020 (Unity WebGL)

If you want to download unity files of Habbo 2020 simply pass the option --unity or -u along.

These commands support downloading unity files

Command Description
clothes Download all Unity Clothes
effects Download all Unity Effects
furnitures Download all Unity Furnitures


Simple example:

habbo-downloader --command icons

You also can use the shorthand version:

hdl -c icons

Downloading from a different domain, for example: www.habbo.es

hdl -c gamedata -d es

Downloading Unity WebGL furniture files

hdl -c furnitures -u


Q: I get this error: Error: Cannot find module 'stream/promises'
A: Make sure you have NodeJS version 15.0 or higher installed. You can check what version your using by typing node -v in your terminal.