PHP imager compatible with Arcturus Morningstar.
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Morningstar Badge Generator


  • PHP 7.0 or later
  • Make sure that the folder /habbo-imaging/badgeparts/cache is writeble

IIS - Url Rewrite 2

<rule name="group-badge">
    <match url="^habbo-imaging/badge/([^/]+)$" ignoreCase="false" />
    <action type="Rewrite" url="/habbo-imaging/badge.php?badge={R:1}" appendQueryString="false" />

Apache - .htaccess

RewriteRule ^habbo-imaging/badge/(.*) habbo-imaging/badge.php?badge=$1

Nginx - .conf

location /habbo-imaging {
  rewrite ^/habbo-imaging/badge/([^/]+)$ /habbo-imaging/badge.php?badge=$1;

External Variables