Complete catalogue with almost every furni added and 95% of furni interactions fixed.
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Complete AMS Catalogue (LAST UPDATE: EARLY DECEMBER 2020)

Complete catalogue with almost every furni added and 95% of furni interactions fixed.

Please note that the prices of furni were intended to match Habbo's for the most part, and a few of the furni in the catalogue (mainly furni released as rares on Habbo) cost diamonds as well as credits. If you'd like to use diamonds for something else, feel free to remove them. If you think some of the prices are too expensive for a retro, feel free to change them. You can run these queries if you'd like them not to be more expensive than other furni:

UPDATE catalog_items SET cost_credits = "5" WHERE cost_points = "1" AND points_type = "5";
UPDATE catalog_items SET cost_points = "0" WHERE cost_points = "1" AND points_type = "5";

Note that the allow_gift, allow_trade, allow_recycle, and allow_marketplace_sell won't be perfect and you might have to change a few for your hotel.

Also note that I've added a few of the crafting lines to the public catalogue because they all craft "norm" furni, and if you added them, some can give achievements.

Don't forget to run the general_updates in the Updates directory.


  • Added all new and missing furniture until MESSY FURNI (Early December 2020)
  • Added all new clothing.
  • Fixed almost all furniture interactions (stackable, stack_height, walkable, width/length, interaction_type, interaction_modes, effects, etc.).
  • Organized catalogue to appeal to retro players.
  • Added all (most?) icons, headers, teasers, and page texts (including a few custom-made ones).
  • Fixed most wrong catalog_names (following the productdata).
  • Fixed all offer_ids, now clicking the “Buy now” button on a furniture will bring you to its respective page in the catalogue.
  • Searching and buying furniture in the catalogue now works.
  • Most furniture are now non-stackable, like Habbo’s.
  • Organized seasonal crafting and crackable lines by year.
  • Added and configured all new crafting recipes.
  • Added and configured all new crackables and their prizes.
  • Organized main furniture lines (iced, area, mode, etc.) into one page rather than each colour having its own page.
  • Placed some ads furniture into public categories (American Idol, Twilight, Spiderwick, etc.).
  • Changed a few wrong crackable prizes.
  • Added all missing swfs/icons.
  • Kept true to Habbo’s ids, so you can just use Habbo's figuredata, figuremap, and productdata. For furnidata, however, I recommend using mine if you want the offer_id (“Buy now” option) and catalogue searching to work.
  • Changed prices of almost all furni, so everything isn't 3c or 4c now. Tried to go with Habbo prices for most.

You can see old images here:
And a few new ones here:

What’s included

  • SQLs
  • All catalogue images
  • All furniture and clothing swfs
  • figuredata
  • figuremap
  • furnidata
  • productdata

What to do with everything: (This tutorial was made for the flash client, Nitro might be different)

  1. Place catalogue folder into c_images folder (replace existing).
  2. Place hof_furni folder into dcr folder (replace existing).
  3. Place PRODUCTION folder into gordon folder (rename to the production you're using).
  4. Place figuredata, figuremap, furnidata, and productdata into the gamedata folder (replace existing).
  5. Execute the SQLs in your database.


Q: How come when I add LTD rares it shows a different furni?
A: Change the offer_id in catalog_items of any LTD rare you're adding to -1. If that doesn't work, make the ID in catalog_items something high.

Will add more questions soon.


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