An open-source Arcturus Community Fork.
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Arcturus Morningstar

Arcturus Morningstar is as a fork of Arcturus Emulator by TheGeneral. Arcturus Morningstar is released under the GNU General Public License v3 and is developed for free by talented developers at and is compatible with the following client revision/community projects:

Flash Community Clients
PRODUCTION-201611291003-338511768 Nitro (Recommended)*
*Note to use Nitro you will need to use the following plugin with Arcturus Morningstar




image *


* Note to use these builds you will need to run any database updates from here


There are two main branches in use on the Arcturus Morningstar git. Below the pros an

master Tested on a production hotel and is stable for every day use with no known serious exploits.
dev The most up-to-date, but features may not work as intended.

There is no set timeframe on when new versions will be released or when the stable branch will be updated

Can I Help!?

Reporting Bugs:

You can report problems via the Issue Tracker*

* When making an bug report or a feature request use the template we provide so that it can be categorized correctly and we have more information to replicate a bug or implement a feature correctly.

Can I contribute code to this project?

Of Course! if you have fixed a bug from the git please feel free to do a merge request*

* Anyone is allowed to fork the project and make pull requests, we make no guarantee that pull requests will be approved into the project. Please Do NOT push code which does not replicate behaviour on, instead make the behaviour configurable or as a plugin.

Plugin System

The robust Plugin System included in the original Arcturus release is also included in Arcturus Morningstar, if you're interested in making your own plugins, feel free to ask around on our discord and we'll point you in the right direction!

A lot of the community aren't used to modifying things in this way, so we've written a few pros:

  1. Other people will see that plugins are the normal way of adding custom features
  2. Plugins can be added and removed at the hotel owner's choice, it makes customizing the hotel easier
  3. Developers will be able to read plugin source code to learn how to make their own plugins, without the need to look in complicated source code

Making money

We have no problem with developers making money through the sale of custom features, plugins or maintenance work.

Sale of a special edition of a source code will not be permitted. You may use your own private edition of a source code, but we will not help you if you have any problems with it.

If we ever are to make paid features or plugins, we will not prevent or discourage developers from creating alternative options for users.


   - TheGeneral (Arcturus Emulator)
   - Beny 
   - Alejandro
   - Capheus
   - Skeletor
   - Harmonic
   - Mike
   - Remco
   - zGrav
   - Quadral
   - Harmony
   - Swirny
   - ArpyAge
   - Mikkel
   - Rodolfo
   - Rasmus
   - Kitt Mustang
   - Snaiker
   - nttzx
   - necmi
   - Dome
   - Jose Flores
   - Cam
   - Oliver
   - Narzo
   - Tenshie
   - MartenM
   - Ridge
   - SenpaiDipper
   - Thijmen
   - Brenoepic
   - Stankman
   - Laynester