A complete plugin to Arcturus Morningstar. https://stuxcraft.com
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Working with Arcturus Morningstar 3.0.0

if you want a more simple version, here is the link: https://git.krews.org/brenoepic/mentionplugin

if you want a pre-compiled version, here is the link: https://github.com/brenoepics/MentionPlugin/releases/

How to use?

you just need to send: @username , @friends , @everyone or @room with a message.

  • Mention with @username at the beginning of the message
  • Mention in anywhere in the message
  • Mention all friends with @friends
  • Mention everyone with @everyone
  • Mention whole room with @room
  • BlockMention Command
  • Set Mention Timeout
  • Choose between BubbleAlert or whisper
  • Database logging
  • Discord logging with this mention plugin, you can mention anyone without putting the @ at the beginning of the message, the @ can be anywhere

How can i install it?

  1. Download a pre-compiled version. MentionPlugin
  2. Run the sql.
  3. Paste the MentionPlugin-2.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar file into your emulator's plugins folder and start/restart the emulator.
  4. Now you need to give permission for your users to use @mention, to do it open your database in the permissions table, and change the acc_mention, acc_mention_everyone, acc_mention_friends, acc_mention_room.
  5. Then, enter your hotel and type: :update_permissions or restart the emulator.
  6. Now just mention a friend or maybe everyone :)



Key Default Value
commands.cmd_mention_friends.prefix friends
commands.cmd_mention.message_error.delete true
commands.cmd_mention.message_success.delete false
commands.cmd_mention.follow.enabled true
commands.cmd_mention.message.show_username.enabled true
commands.cmd_mention_everyone.follow.enabled true
commands.cmd_mention_regex @(\w+)
commands.cmd_mention_max 5 (max users in same msg)
mentionplugin.sanitize true
mentionplugin.mode_user 1 (1 bubble 2 whisper)
mentionplugin.mode_everyone 1 (1 bubble 2 whisper)
mentionplugin.mode_friends 1 (1 bubble 2 whisper)
mentionplugin.timeout_user 10
mentionplugin.timeout_everyone 5
mentionplugin.timeout_friends 60
mentionplugin.timeout_room 20
mentionplugin.logging_database true
mentionplugin.database.log_timeout_minutes 30


Key Default Value
acc_mention 1
acc_mention_friends 1
acc_mention_everyone 0
acc_mention_room 2
cmd_blockmention 1

My Discord: BrenoEpic#9671

why am i disconnected when i get a mention in flash client?

Your imager's link is not a valid .png or .gif and flash client disconnects when receiving the bubble alert, change the key commands.cmd_mention_everyone.look in the emulator_texts to a valid .png or .gif