Previously called PNGCamera. The Official Camera replacement for Arcturus Morningstar. Apollyon is a Free PNG Camera, which requires a patched Habbo.swf to function. Please read the read-me for a guide as to how it works.
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What is Apollyon?

Apollyon is a Camera Plugin for Arcturus Morningstar

Apollyon uses a PNG Image, instead of JSON data to create the image, meaning while all of the Habbo Client is rendered in an image - it does not use the JSON Method implemented by the official Habbo Client.

As such, if a JSON Plugin is released - it will be recommended that you use that instead.


Apollyon is released under the DO WHAT THE F*CK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENCE.


image image

Compiled Download: 1.0 FINAL

Pre-Patched SWF Download: Download Link


Q: I get this error when I take a picture 'You are using a Habbo.swf that has not been patched to work with Apollyon. Please read the read me on a guide to patching your swf, or download a prepatched one on our git at'

A: You need to patch your camera using HabKit.

Download the software here:

Unzip the folder, and open the net47 folder. Then add your Habbo.swf to the net47 folder. Use Command prompt and cd to the folder. type the following into cmd:

HabKit.exe Habbo.swf /rawcam


  • John
  • Beny (Packet Hijacking)
  • Ovflowd (Original Implimentation)
  • Alejandro (Error Handling Help)


Join us on Discord at